Legends of the Mark

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft Chapter 2


The party then sought out the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. They had learned from Madam Eva that the symbol could be found near the Tser Pool. After searching the area, they were attacked by wolves and worgs. They defeated these creatures only to enter a cave with Mad Dwarf whose name seemed to be Varikov. Varikov was mad and cruel, but the party defeated him even though Ahlissa Brightblade dropped into a chute and was dumped in the pool below.


Finding the sunsword is the next priority. The party agreed that finding all the items referenced by Madam Eva would be essential prior to entering the castle. The party had learned that the sunsword was somewhere in the Svalich Woods. After searching the woods for some time, they encountered werewolves and an elf. The party defeated the werewolves and captured the elf using a grapple. The elf led the group to Valicia’s lair after intimidating him into doing so.

The elf led them to yet another ambush, but finally did show the way to Valiciia. The battle with Valicia was a sharp one, but after a tough fight, Valicia fled through a dimension door.


The party found the sunsword in the pool in Valicia’s lair.


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