Str 11|+0 Dex 18|+4 Con 14|+2 Int 9|-1 Wis 16|+3 Chr 12|+1

HP 43|Speed 20 ft x3

AC 21|Armor Bonus +4|Shield Bonus +2|Dex Mod +1|Size Mod +0|Natural Armor +1|Deflect Mod +0|Misc Mod +3

Touch 14 Flat-Footed 20

Initiative +4

Fortitude +7|Reflex +6|Will +8

Base Attack +4 Masterwork Silver Sickle +9 (1d6-1 20/x2) Sling +8 (1d4 20/x2)


Lizzie was orphaned with two human girls and all three grew up as “step-sisters.” Their parents were victims of the terrible wars that engulfed the entire Flaeness known as the “Greyhawk Wars.” The girls were taken by kindly neighbors to the town of Lowlers located nearby their original homes in the nation of Gran March, one of the many nations in the western Flaeness. Since none of these girls had any living relatives close at hand, a kindly old gnome in Lowlers named Doc Gimplestock raised them. Lizzie and her sisters refer to him as “Uncle Doc.”

Uncle Doc was a farmer and a tinker and loved to learn about nearly anything. He owned a farm and loved all things about it, his woods, fields, and flowers. But he would read in the evenings after work about magic and had an eclectic collection of books. He had even taught himself a few simple spells to create light or start a fire during winter.

All the girls had different aptitudes but Lizzie loved the outdoors and would roam the woods around Uncle Doc’s farm. She would befriend squirrels and birds. It was in the woods and fields that she felt most at home. Lizzie, as she got older, even befriended wolves and a gentle black bear. She would walk to town and would speak to Sindar, priest of the Lowlers Temple of Ehlonna. Sindar often would hold services out of doors near a sacred stand of trees. Lizzie attended regularly and saw the balance and beauty in all things in the world. Sindar spoke with Lizzie one day and mentioned how she may have the ability to become a Druid. Lizzie knew little of this Order but Sindar was patient and gentle, and he explained. Lizzie was very interested and Sindar even undertook tutoring her in the basics of the Druidical Order; however, Sindar was no Druid and it was Lizzie’s desire to learn more that lead to their first adventure.

One night, Lizzie explained to Uncle Doc that she wished to learn more about becoming a Druid and it was more than Sindar would be able to teach. Lizzie had to go away to study. Outside of Hookhill, capitol of Gran March, was a Great Temple to Ehlonna where both clerics and druids studied the mysteries of Ehlonna and nature. It was to this place that Lizzie wished to travel. Lizzie and her sisters brought great joy to Doc, but he always knew a day must come when his young girls must leave and strike out on their own. Uncle Doc quietly consented with a heavy heart, but only under the conditions that his other two girls travel with Lizzie and keep her safe.

It was a warm summer morning that Lizzie and her two sisters marched off to learn and seek adventure in the “big city” of Hookhill.


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